Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Updates to MathTestNow

I haven't been doing regular updates on my progress with MathTestNow.com, but things are moving along:

  • Posted sample worksheets to TeachersPayTeachers.  I plan to make some free and some $1.
  • Got some really wonderful help from a guy at StackOverflow about how to make AngularJS and MathJax play nicely together.
  • Had a friend who is a math teacher take a look at the website - made me realize that I had a number of issues with the user interface on the main page.
  • Creating more question types and improving existing ones.
  • Creating sample worksheets for each content area.
  • Redoing some of the image files that were too large
  • Having trouble formatting the PDFs when there are images.  Asked a question at http://tex.stackexchange.com