Friday, April 19, 2013


Added a domain name and moved the latest code to production!  Here it is:

Next Steps
  • Figure out the priority for the following:
    • Technical Changes
      • Add more problem types - at least come up with a full slate of 6th grade
      • Add link to saved tests
      • Add editable headings
      • Allow users to delete questions
      • Allow users to reorder questions
      • Improve formatting of printed test
      • Add options for printed test
        • two column option
        • adjust space between questions
      • Allow users to regenerate test in single click
      • Add "proper" contact functionality
      • Browser compatability issues - IE8 in particular.
      • JSON security
      • Add google analytics
      • Add Stripe (should I just hold off on this and start with a 30 day free trial?)
    • Getting Beta users
      • Get traffic via google adwords
      • Search Engine Optimization
      • Bug people I know to take a look
      • Find math teachers or people working on the comon core and ask them to look
    • copyright / trademark