Thursday, April 18, 2013

Notes on O'Reilly's JavaScript Web Applications

Notes on JavaScript Web Applications

Link to code for Holla:
  • MVC
    • Model - the data and any logic associated with the data
    • View - the presentation layer. 
      • In a JS application, the view will HTML, CSS, and JS templates
    • Controller - the user interaction layer. 
      • "Controllers are the glue between models and views.  Controllers receive events and input from views, process them (perhaps involving models) and update the views accordingly.  The controller will add event listeners to views when the page loads, such as those detecting when forms are submitted or buttons are clicked.  Then, when the user interacts with your application, the event trigger actions inside the controllers." (pg 5)
  • ORM - Objection-relationonal mappling
    • Basically, how to convert a hierarchical object into record(s) in a relational database and vise versa